Two Retreats this fall!!

Lucille, Jamie, Beth & Kelly

Hello everyone!  WOWSERS!  We’ve had such an overwhelming response to the September retreat and due to limited space, we thought we’d better book another in October so hopefully everyone will get a chance to go on retreat this fall! SOOOOO.

The two date options for the retreats are:

Thursday, September 27th to Sunday, September 30th, 2012


Thursday,  October 25th to Sunday, October 28th, 2012

For more detals please check out our website at!

Hope to see you there!!!


April Las Vegas Retreat

April 2012


On April 26th we had our first of hopefully many, Las Vegas Retreats at the Historic Plaza Hotel.  There were 16 of us, including a couple of ladies from Amarillo!  Our sewing room was perfect!  The hotel provided large tables and cushy chairs.  We had excellent lighting for day and night sewing.  The staff at the hotel was terrific and everyone commented on how nice they were.  Our rooms were comfortable as well.  We about died when on the first morning the hotel and surrounding plaza had a three hour power outage!  Yikes!

We all enjoyed the complimentary breakfast in the morning along with several other restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.  The Threadbear Quilt Shop was about 50 walking steps from the hotel, talk about convenient!  The shop is a complete quilting shop with notions, kits, and a wonderful variety of fabrics, and yarns for the knit and crochet groups.  The owners, Ann and Mike, couldn’t have been nicer.  They were so attentive to all of our retreaters.  Unbeknownst to us, there happened to be another group from Albuquerque sewing upstairs.  Threadbear hosted a very nice reception Friday evening serving wine, cheese, and an array of munchies for both quilting groups.  Thanks so much Threadbear!!

Many sewed late into the night, or should I say to the wee hours of the morning, while others sewed early in the morning after breakfast.  We played a couple of silly games and everyone came out with a prize.  Our grand prizewinner was Debbie R. with a gift certificate from Threadbear~in her words, “I never win anything.”  Like we all believe that!  We played a fun fat quarter game and Nancy R. from Amarillo won the pot of 16 fat quarters.  We gave the girls a challenge where they had to make a little thread catcher from the precut fabric given in a kit.  Well, unfortunately, this retired teacher didn’t read the directions correctly and cut only half of what was needed.  We did some quick cutting to add to the kit and Kellie M. and Debbie T. won this silly event.  Beth will never live this boo-boo down.  As they say, Ruth was thrown under the bus on this contest … well… she shouldn’t have left the room!

Sunday afternoon it was time to pack up and leave.  We all laughed until our stomachs hurt and ate until our bellies were full.  All in all we’re pretty sure our retreaters had a great time; at least that’s what they said.  We can’t wait until our next one, we’ve already booked the Plaza again for the weekend of Thur, Sept 27th – Sun, Sept 30th, 2012.  (If you can’t make it until Friday it’s not a problem!, just let us know ahead of time).  If you plan to come you’ll need to sign up ASAP, first come first serve!  Contact us at


March 24th – California Here We Come!

Teacher Training at Quilt in a Day with Eleanor Burns.  We arrived on Saturday at Beth’s aunt and uncle’s in El Cajon where we stayed for the week.  Aunt Judy kept us busy every free minute we had.  Sunday afternoon included visits to local quilt shops that were open amazingly enough.  Ruth had never been to Rosie’s Calico Cupboard in La Mesa and couldn’t believe the thousands of bolts of fabric.  Actually Ruth had never been to San Diego!  We also got a peek at Cozy Quilts just before closing.  Beth ran into Sandy Thompson, a QIAD teacher that also does the QIAD retreats.  Beth really enjoyed visiting with her!  She truly misses everyone from her old stomping grounds.  That evening Melissa, Beth’s cousin, and her boys came for dinner.  We had fun eating, talking, laughing, and just catching up.  What a crew they are!

Monday morning we met with Marilynn, Judy and Beth’s friend, from Ramona.  We headed into Temecula for breakfast at a yummy restaurant called Penfold’s.  There we met more friends of Beth’s – Sharon & Ruthie.  What a wonderful and filling breakfast we had while catching up with news.  Soon the six of us went shopping at The Quilter’s Coop and The Temecula Quilt Co.  Ruth was drooling over the huge selection of Civil War fabrics, kits, and patterns.  It’s her favorite and Civil War is hard to find in New Mexico!  After saying goodbye to the girls we headed back towards San Diego, dropped Marilynn off and then wandered into The Container Store; another new adventure for Ruth.  We must have spent 1 ½ hrs. in there looking and shopping!  Last stop was in La Mesa at the Quilter’s Cottage.  What a cute quilt shop with wools and homespuns!

Tuesday morning Judy took us to the community adult education center where she attends quilt class with about 40 other women (and a few men).  They have a spectacular facility offering several different classes and everyone shared their finished and “in progress” projects.  We should be so lucky!  Soon we were off to Marilynn’s in Ramona where she had a grand brunch awaiting.  We had quiche, fresh fruit, and pumpkin bread in a jar.  It was great!  We toured her sewing room, quilts, and the beautiful Moon Glow quilt she’d recently finished.  It’s better in person than seeing it on Jinny Beyer’s site.  Marilynn showed us her 600+ doxie  collection-2 of which are living (dachshunds not the other kind!).  We then tromped out to the barn to visit her hubby, Gordo, his horse and Marilynn’s donkey, Ciera.  What a sweety Ciera is!  Last quilt shop stop of the day was The Crazy 9 Patch in Ramona where Marilynn works a few days a week.  Super cute shop where, Susan Baker, a friend from CA teaches, she also teaches at The Calico Horse (which sadly is closing this summer unless they find a buyer).  The special treat for the afternoon was the quilt museum in San Diego down at the old Naval base that’s being restored & converted to shopping and art.  Beth’s cousin Melissa joined us there.  The quilts each have a theme and are displayed for about 4-6 weeks.  This theme had to do with medical science and some pretty bizarre quilts were displayed.  We were amazed at the techniques, and fabrics used.  Some quilters have quite an imagination!  Next was the dangerous stop at the See’s Candy outlet.  YUM!  Did we come out of there empty handed?  Not on your life!  Lots of free samples and everything is super fresh!  We ended the evening by taking Ronnie and Judy out to dinner to thank them for their wonderful hospitality for the week.

Judy, Beth & Ruth

Wednesday morning we awoke at 5:30a and headed to San Marcos at 6:30a.  (Yes, this is a.m.)  We arrived there just in time for class at 8a.  No, it didn’t take that long but had to get a Starbuck’s (I think this is the law in Calif).  We spent the entire day in class and Eleanor worked us to death!  Not really, but it WAS busy and intense.  A filling lunch was provided and we were dismissed at 5p.  There were 25 in the class and low and behold a gal from Tijeras where Ruth lives.  Small world!  We’d never met until this day!  Women came as far away as Virginia!  We sat with two women from Simi Valley that were characters. They kept us laughing! Thursday, more of the same schedule. After class Ruth wanted to see the beach so we’d kept leftovers from our lunch and planned to eat it for dinner on the beach. It was overcast, windy, and too chilly so we sat in the car and ate. We were parked right on the beach in Vista so could watch the surfers and body boarders. Beth immediately took her shoes off and had to walk in the sand! She said it brought back memories of many wonderful years spent on the beach and surfing in her teens. There is nothing like the smell of the ocean to bring those memories flooding back. Driving home took a bit longer some evenings due to the traffic. Ruth thinks Beth can drive in anything now. She took more pictures of the traffic on the freeway than quilts! Thankfully we don’t have that kind of traffic in NM!! Whew!

Sweet Cinder

The best thing is we each got our “dog” fix with Cinder, my aunt and uncle’s dog. He is the sweetest old boy. He’s old and sadly not much longer for this world. He loves attention and spends his time on the couch. Judy makes his food too which makes his coat soft like velvet. What a life!

BTW, Marilynn, Judy and Beth had the opportunity to go on a QIAD cruise this past September. Marilynn will be Beth’s “Roomy” for their upcoming family trip to China this summer.  It’s a good thing she adores her!

Stay tuned, Beth and Ruth just finished up a Quilt Retreat in Las Vegas (New Mexico)!

Time to Blog!

Alrighty!  Beth and I have put this off for too long!  We’re about ready to start with our “blogging” 🙂  Stay tuned to see what we’ve been up to!  We have a lot of exciting things planned.  We recently attended the Teachers Certification with Quilt & A Day and Eleanor Burns.  It was WONDERFUL!